Hidden Patterns of Sell for Fresh Agriculture Produce by Farmers near to APMC Ahmedabad

Neepa Kanaiyalal Shah


After delisting of fresh agriculture produce at APMC Ahmedabad, there is no change in farmers’ behavior to sell their produce. They still prefer to sell produce through traders and brokers in regulatory body such as APMC. This paper is about the behavior of farmers to sell produce. This study derives some hidden patterns which are previously unknown. The pattern shows that to whom farmers want to sell produce; when they get success or failure to get market for the produce. It also shows behavioral pattern of farmers for different income groups. A pattern of auction in APMC market and how many farmers are agree with the auction and its beneficence. One of the most important parameter for the fresh agriculture produce is the timeframe within that produce get sold. This paper shows the pattern of who is able to sell produce in required timeframe. At last a study of those farmers who were failed to sell produce within required timeframe and what they do with that unsold produce and alternatives available to them.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7770/safer-V0N0-art1995


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