Study on Physico- Chemical Parameters and Structural Characterization of Soils in Pudukkottai District of Tamilnadu, India

Dhanalakshmi A., K. Karthikeyani Vijayakumari, U. Surendran


The soil is the most important constituent to fulfilment of all the basic needs of human beings and also is an important component of our farming. The study was conducted with the main objective to investigate the soil samples of Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu for its physico-chemical analysis and structural characterization. The collected soil samples were analyzed for its pH, EC, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Iron. Besides, the sample was characterized by FTIR studies for structural conformation. From the study the results revealed that the collected soil was red soil and its texture was sandy clay loam. The soil pH was 9.29 which was alkaline and the EC was 0.02 dSm-1. The available macro-nutrients as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for paddy field soil samples had 118, 11 and 160 kg/ha respectively. Micronutrients Nutrients also analyzed. FT-IR spectrum of soil was recorded spectrum of soil was shown the C-H deformation vibrations occur at 1402. The C=C Stretching vibrations occur at 1644 and the N-H Stretching vibrations occur at 2344. Management options to improve the soil fertility were discussed.

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