Efficacy of lockdown on agripreneurship market and agripreneur’s income: evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Published 04-02-2023
Section Research Articles


  • Kamlendra Kumar Verma "Department of Banking, Economics and Finance, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U.P.), India.


Background- The paper studies impact of lockdown on agricultural supply chain, its subsequent impact on farmers’ income and identifies gaps to be investigated about agrarian supply chain (SCM) practices.

Methods- Primary data come from survey interviews led from August to September 2021 with a sample of 367 farmers of the different farming fields in Uttar Prades, India. Studying how much lockdown restricted admittance to inputs, work and markets to produce, cultivate and sell theirs produces. The secondary data is sourced from semi-exact research that joins distinctive quantitative and qualitative sources of data, including master elicitation, to distinguish, portray and dissect the various components influencing Indian farming frameworks, and more extensively agricultural area, following the COVID-19 lockdown.

Result- Agri-food supply chain network is a drive towards this bearing, which may serve a ton in conquering issues experienced by Indian farming. The issues arising in Indian agriculture are novel, mind-boggling and extreme because of the presence of a larger part of them among the majority of Indian agriculturists. Consequently, progressed procedures should be a gadget to resolve these issues which warrant quickly evolving techniques, advances and the executives rehearse in the supply chain network component.