Prevalance, Mean Intensity and relative densityof nematode parasite Contracaecum sp.from the gillof Channa striatus

Published 25-01-2023
Section Research Articles


  • N.J Nandini University of Kerala
  • Siny G Benjamin University of Kerala
  • S. S Volga University of Kerala
  • S. K Santhosh University of Kerala



ThestudydealswiththeinvestigationofnematodeparasiticinfectioninChannastriatuscollected from different water bodies of Mavelikara Municipality, Alappuzha district, Kerala, India. The snake headfishescollectedduringthestudyperiodwerefoundtobeinfectedwiththelarval nematodeparasite, Contracaecumsp.Themean prevalenceofinfection of theparasiteonChannastriatuswas62.39%. Themean intensitywas1.22 and the relative density recorded was 0.76.The present study represents a new locality record for the larval nematode parasite, Contracaecumsp.