Cloud burst disaster in India, mitigation and their impacts

Published 25-04-2023
Section Review articles


  • Sahdev S.O.S. In Environmental Science Pt. RSU Raipur


Cloudburst is a natural disaster. Cloudburst is excessive rain accompanied by flashes of lightning. Due to excessive rainfall in one place, there is a lot of loss of life and property due to cloudburst. Cloudburst is a big problem in India. Many people have died because of this. Cloudburst 2017: 7 killed in Dada district, 200 in Kashmir in 2014, 1, 84,000 in Uttarakhand, 10,000 killed in 2013, and 7000 missings. In Ladakh in 2010, 1,000 people died and 400 were injured. Cloudburst has caused damage to humans, animals, roads, the environment, and economics. Cloudburst has an impact on climate change. In this review, the history, impact, loss, M/s, mitigation, etc. of cloudburst in India have been discussed in detail.

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