Tornadoes disaster in India and their impacts

Published 25-04-2023
Section Review articles


  • Sahdev S.O.S. In Environmental Science Pt. RSU Raipur


A tornado is a natural disaster that keeps on coming in India and other countries. Many people have lost their lives in India due to this disaster. The history of Tornadoes in India dates back from 1838 to 2021. Many properties, animals, humans, and ecosystems have been damaged. Tornadoes have occurred in most of the states of India like West Bengal, Assam, Delhi, Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, etc. The formation of tornadoes, the structure of a tornado, cause of tornado, life cycle, and classification, biggest tornadoes ever in India, Negative Impacts of Tornadoes, Positive Impacts of Tornadoes, and safety of tornadoes are discussed in detail in this review.

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